Vespa Scooters

The icon. The classic. The original. Vespa Scooters were born in Italy on April 23rd 1946, at 12 o’clock, when the prototype was given the name ‘Vespa’ by Enrique Piaggio. Upon hearing the engine for the first time, he exclaimed “It sounds like a wasp!” (Vespa is the Italian word for wasp). Piaggio has continued to manufacture Vespa, and to this day, when you see a modern Vespa go buzzing by you can still hear that classic “wasp” sound. Today’s Vespa Scooters have inherited all the elegance, style, and function of the originals with the added bonus of cutting edge technologies.

Even now, the heart and soul of scootering can be seen carried through in the current lineup of Vespa models, from the sleek and sexy Primavera to the vintage LXV 150 and GTV 300. Never satisfied, Vespa continues to innovate as well, offering limit edition specialty models such as the Vespa 946, the first scooter ever offered in the United States with ABS and traction control. In the history of scooters Vespa has been identified as the industry leader, and when you ride one it’s easy to see why. It’s the scooter that all other scooters wish they could be. OWN THE ORIGINAL!

Models Available at Vespa Motorsport