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2013 Vespa 946 in Black – Mint – 51 Original Miles – ‘Nuff Said $8,495.00

2013 VESPA 946 with 51 Original Miles!

Sold New in 2013 by Vespa Motorsport

Immaculate Condition

51 MILES!!!


The first, the most beautiful, the rarest… nothing but cool.  the holy grail of modern Vespa!! The 2013 was the introduction of this fashion and style “Retro meets Future” designed Vespa of all time.  It stands as an icon in the modern Vespa era.

The Vespa 946 is a scooter announced by Piaggio, to be sold under the Vespa brand starting in July 2013. Piaggio presented the retro-future Vespa Quarantasei concept, based on the 1945 Vespa MP6 prototype, at the 2011 EICMA motorcycle show. The final production version, renamed the Vespa 946, appeared the following year, at EICMA 2012. The 946 is fitted with Piaggio’s air cooled three valve single cylinder engine, with an output of 13 hp 150 cc (7.6 cu in) displacement version, and 13 hp or the 150 cc (9.2 cu in) version.

Context and debut

The scooter was anticipated by the Vespa Quarantasei concept, presented at EICMA 2011 which in shape recalls the very first Vespa MP6 of 1946, on which Piaggio debuted the new generation of air-cooled three-valve single-shaft four – stroke engines. GET divided into 125 cm³ and 150 cm³ displacements.

At EICMA 2012 (where it won the “best in show” award) the definitive version called Vespa 946 (which in the name recalls the 1946 debut year of the first Vespa) made its debut, adopting the same mechanical parts as the concept , with the 125 cm³ and 150 cm³ air-cooled three-valve four-stroke engines and almost entirely reproducing their aesthetics and design.

Technique and design

The 3-valve single-shaft distribution allows optimizing the inlet of the fuel-air mixture and the outlet of the exhaust gases, as well as mounting the spark plug in an optimal position, improving the efficiency in combustion and at the same time ensuring optimal cooling of the parts inside the header. Bearings have been used for all moving parts in order to reduce internal friction. The 3-valve distribution solution compared to the 2-valve one is more effective as it improves intake. The performances for the 125 are: maximum power of 8.5 kW at 8250 rpm and maximum torque of 10.7 Nm at 6500 rpm.

The basic frame is made of welded sheet steel, but some parts and elements such as the front mudguard, handlebars, saddle or side panels are made of aluminum alloy. On the rear axle, for the first time, a brand new suspension was used with a single shock absorber with gas spring mounted horizontally with a progressive linkage system. In addition, there is the anti-lock braking system ABS and anti-skid traction control (ASR). The braking system consists of two discs, of which the front one is 220 mm.

The circular headlight consists of a single LED element. The design of the 946 is based on the historical Vespa models, taking up many elements such as the “low tail” rear part and the “suspended saddle” of the Vespa MP6. The saddle itself, the most characteristic element, is hinged on a die-cast aluminum support, covered in pre-waterproofed fabric.



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