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2014 PIAGGIO FLY 190cc Scooter – Very Fast! – $2,395

2014 PIAGGIO FLY 150, with just under 16,000 original miles (NOTE: the ORIGINAL speedo came in KM, so if you calculate to miles it equals 16,000 miles) . This bike was sold brand new by our dealership back in 2015. The owner later had us later install the Malossi 190 cylinder kit, which gives the bike more torque and tops out at around 70mph. Bike was always maintained by Vespa Motorsport. Everything works properly, with automatic transmission, electric start, fuel injection, along with ABS on the forward disc brake (And yes, it is freeway legal).

The scoot has a few nicks and scratches, but is overall in good condition.

Includes recent service.


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