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Baby, It’s Still Cold Outside, How About Some Toasty Grips?


With the winter months here and the rainy days and cold nights showing us who’s boss, we have a little something up our sleeve to combat it.  Apollo Heated Grips by KOSO are in stock and ready to be installed to make your life more enjoyable on those rides to Antarctica, Grandma’s House or just down the street to the grocery store.
These hot mamas have:
  • 5 Levels of Temperature.
  • Integrated thumb switch designed for easy setting without removing your hands from the handlebar.
  • 5 Color LED Indicators for the rider to quickly know in which heat level the grips are set.
  • Low Battery Warning protection to ensure your bike has enough power to start.
We’ve installed and tested the KOSO Heated Grips and we can tell you first hand that in cold conditions, rain, and snow, they make a huge difference in the comfort of the ride.

If you are here in San Diego and you want these babies installed, call Kevin in service to make your appointment today. 619-280-1718 ext 605

New Year. New Classic Color.


We’re ready for something new in 2017 and to kick it off, we’re going full blown retro.  Meet the new 2017 Vespa GTV and the return of the ever-classic Portofino Green.   Vespa introduced this classic color waaaay back in the 1950’s, in the early days of Vespa.  It’s been a classic color that harkens back to a simpler time, back when Vespa was young, simple and full of attitude.  Now, the same simple design and color is still available in the all new Vespa GTV 300.  With a bold 278cc fuel-injected four stroke motor, anti-lock disc brakes, traction control and more, this limited production scooter is bold and ready for the open road.  Classic style and a classic color…  nothing even compares to the Vespa GTV300ie.

Vespa.  Everywhere.

Don’t just go somewhere…

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