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This is a custom build 2023 Vespa GTS HPE2 Super in the Picnic style with gray trim that just looks stunning!  The Big Boy of PicNic Cruisers… for the power couple on the go!  Pack up a six pack, maybe a bottle of wine, glasses, forks, spoons and knives… toss in a block of Gouda or Swiss, and hit the beach in style!

  • Silver Wheel rims
  • Picnic blanket and front rack
  • Gray Seat
  • Gray cowl strips
  • Picnic badge
  • Large original Vespa Picnic basket and rack


With its complete NEW design, the Vespa GTS Super HPE2 is ready to set off on an adventure with you! Its sporty soul and rich history comes with the latest examples of technology incorporated in new and surprising ways. A Vespa with a contemporary touch that ensures you’ll turn heads wherever you go, this is the perfect scooter for riders who look to inject originality, elegance, and joy into every ride.


When you’re in the seat of your NEW Vespa GTS Super, be prepared to attract attention wherever you go. Gleaming chrome combines with glorious pastels and bright colors to showcase a palette that also matches the saddle and interiors. This is a Vespa designed to capture your attention at first glance, and every detail is perfect.


The Vespa GTS Super’s 300cc HPE2 lives up to its name. The High-Performance Euro 5 Engine is packed with technology designed to deliver outstanding performance and low fuel consumption. A single-cylinder with maximum power of 17.5 kW at 8250 rpm (23.8 horsepower) and top torque of 26.0 Nm at 5250 rpm, it is the perfect solution if you like to take things up to speed when you’re running around town or the open road.


The new analogue and LCD instrument panel tie the classic to the modern, keyless ignition (NEW to the GTS range), seat popper (opener), and Bike Finder function (flasher) make the Vespa GTS Super a well-equipped travel companion, but you can forge an even stronger bond if you opt to install Vespa MIA (not included on the GTS or Super models, but can be added). This handy app connects your smartphone to the scooter’s electronics via Bluetooth to offer you exclusive functions that are sure to make every ride even more fun and stimulating.

Meticulous work has gone into perfecting the handlebar dimensions, grip and the position of the various buttons, all improved on the HPE2. Right from the moment you turn it on, you’ll feel the improved fluidity and responsiveness, in part due to the keyless system that replaces the classic ignition. And, with the new 3-inch analogue LCD display, you have simplified access to all essential data.

Keyless System It allows the rider to keep the key fob pocketed when unlocking, locking, and starting the vehicle. Once connected, the welcome logo lights up on the dashboard to signal electronic key recognition by the ECU. This is also an amazing theft deterrent. No key hole to jam a screw driver in or chance to hotwire this scooter. These are impossible to start without the key fob.

Bike Finder Dedicated buttons on the electronic key, open the under seat and make remote use of the Bike Finder function. This function ensures the vehicle is recognizable even at a distance, flashing all 4 of the turn indicators.


The Vespa GTS Super’s personality sparkles even more in its new materials that lend an elegant, sophisticated look. The mirrors, side grills, mudguard crest, and even the distinctive horn cover grill have all been redesigned in the name of STYLE, while retaining the timeless Vespa charm and spirit.

New handlebar showing aesthetic improvement and conveying attention to detail. New Headlight, Speedo, Switches, everything is NEW on the Vespa GTS 300 HPE2.

New dimensions handgrips and switches are the result of important ergonomics and functionality research, ensuring simpler and more immediate vehicle management.

New Glovebox/shield enriched with the new practical knob for the keyless system which replaces the classic ignition switch and with the integrated bag hook. This contributes to improve both utility and aesthetics.


The new design of the Vespa GTS Super increases handling and safety through features such as improved suspension (new anti-dive), ASR traction control, ABS (anti-lock brake system), and 12-inch tires fitted with front and rear disc brakes (also all new). This winning combination ensures a comfortable, stable ride, even at higher speeds or on uneven surfaces.

New Front Suspension System The technical equipment of the Vespa GTS Super adopts a new suspension which, while maintaining the classical single swing arm fork, in the Vespa tradition, has been totally redesigned in order to reduce diving during unstable riding experience even on the bumpy road and at high speeds, offering a more comfortable ride.

Rear Suspension System The technical layout with dual hydraulic shock absorbers, with coil spring and 4 pre-load position adjustments offer the rider options for different terrain.

ABS Piaggio was the first worldwide company to introduce advanced active safety systems such as ABS & ASR on a scooter, now available on the GTS Super range. ABS. (Anti-lock Brake System) Each wheel is equipped with a detection system (a sensor and a tone wheel) that instantly measure speed and deceleration. The sensors communicate with a hydraulic control unit with two channels that activates the ABS system if one of the wheels decelerates quickly relative to the vehicle, avoiding locking and ensuring stability and efficient braking.

ASR (Anti Slip Regulation) uses the ABS electronics and sensors to compare the wheel speed rotation of the two wheels. When the sensors detect the rear wheel speed exceeds that of the front, the control unit intervenes cutting the engine toque by spark advance reduction and, if necessary, also on the injection system to prevent slippage and prevent loss of vehicle control . These solutions put Vespa on the top regarding safety and technology.


With new full LED lights, the Vespa GTS Super is more appealing than ever. There’s also a new LED rear light that is combined with the front running lights to showcase the scooter’s distinctive design and increase its visibility on the road, day or night.

Available in Verde Amabile ONLY.

All this and so much more for for an MSRP of $10,999* plus dealer fees, registration, and sales tax (fees and taxes NOT included).

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  • Mileage: 5 mi
  • Condition: New
  • Motor Size: 300 cc/watts
  • Top Speed: 80 + mph
  • Weight: 365 lbs
  • Gas Mileage/Range: 65 mpg/Range
  • Fuel Capacity/Time to Charge: 2 gal/Hours
  • Seat Height: 32 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years - unlimited miles
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