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Scooter Financing 101

Scooter Financing 101

Financing Your New Scooter

NEW models from every brand we carry, Vespa, Piaggio and Genuine are eligible for financing.

Some used scooters are may be eligible for financing, it all depends on year and manufacturer.

Qualifying is easy as 1,2,3. The best way is to stop by our shop so we can find a scooter that will fit your budget and fill out a quick on-line application. Generally a strong credit score with reliable income is best, but anyone can fill out an application. Lower credit scores may require a co-signer or a sizable down payment. You can also fill out an on-line application, but you may not know the total amount needed for your desired scooter. Click here to check out the Sheffield web site and on-line application.

Rates vary anywhere from as low as 2.99% to as high as 12.9%. That being said many manufacturers will run special interest rate deals throughout the year, so stop by or give us a call for the latest rates.

Since the price of a scooter is often very low (compared to a car) monthly payments can be almost laughable, lower than your cell phone bill. Monthly rates can have a very large range based on the price of the scooter and the terms of the loan.  The two extremes we have seen are as low as $60 a month to as high as $330 a month, but most customers tend to hover right around $150 a month.  Of course we’re always more than happy to work out whatever best fits your budget.

Loan terms range anywhere from 6 months to 60 months.

If you have a high credit score, then no down payment is required. If you have rocky credit or would like a lower monthly payment, then $500 to $1,000 is usually required.

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