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2025 Genuine Buddy 170i, that’s RIGHT, 2025’s IN STOCK!

2025 Buddy 170i, that’s RIGHT, 2025 IN STOCK!

The Buddy 170i delivers a power-packed performance that’s sure to get your blood flowing. An advanced electronic fuel injection system makes the Buddy 170i the smoothest scooter of its kind.

Imagine a 170cc, fuel-injected motor with tighter suspension packed onto the compact Buddy frame and you’ll begin to get a sense of the Buddy 170i. Boasting a top speed of almost 70mph and up to 90mpg fuel economy with the responsiveness of fuel-injection and a heavy duty rear shock, this scooter really hauls. The large 190mm front disc also gives the Buddy all the stopping power you will need.

The Buddy 170 scoffs at hills, carries passengers or cargo with ease, and parks anywhere: the ideal urban commuter. The Buddy 170 is a BIG scooter in a SMALL package.

The Buddy 170 sports generous under seat storage, USB plug, and super handy leg shield tray, that can hold your water bottle, phone, and other goodies.

Fuel Injected Power:
170cc fuel injected four stroke engine.

Under Seat Storage:
Extra storage space for all your needs (or add an accessory rear rack and top case for even more cargo space).

Secured Gas Cap:
Locked under the seat it ensures convenience and security for refueling on the go.

Comfortable Seat:
Whether solo or with a passage, this seat ensures a comfy ride.

NEW 10″ Mag Wheels:
The small wheels on the Buddy 170 give it a low seat height (29 inches) and superior maneuverable.

Available in these fun colors: Brit Racing Green, Glossy Titanium, Matte Black, Mocha, Italia (Avocado Green), Pamplona (Red/Ivory), and Seafoam (Light Green). *some of these colors maybe special order.


*Note: MSRP does not reflect destination or other dealer vehicle preparation charges. Wondering about destination and dealer prep charges, give us a call.

  • Mileage: 5 mi
  • Condition: New
  • Motor Size: 170 cc/watts
  • Top Speed: 70 + mph
  • Weight: 236 lbs
  • Gas Mileage/Range: 90 mpg/Range
  • Fuel Capacity/Time to Charge: 1.5 gal/Hours
  • Seat Height: 29 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years - unlimited mileage
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