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Manufacturer Warranties


All scooters sold by Vespa Motorsport come with a warranty (unless otherwise noted).  In the case of new scooters, they are provided with a manufacturer’s warranty, whereas with used scooters, Vespa Motorsport will offer a shop warranty for 30 days after purchase on most models.  See below for more specific information related to the various scooter brands offered at Vespa Motorsport and the warranty coverages provided.  Note: Manufacturer Warranties cover factory defectives and come with detailed terms and conditions , stop by or contact us for more info.

The Vespa/Piaggio Warranty

New Vespa/Piaggio scooters NOW come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty (2014 and newer).  There are no mileage restrictions, the 24 months begins on the day of purchase, and the scooter must be taken to an authorized Vespa dealer to claim warranty work. To keep your warranty valid, you must follow the servicing schedule as outlined in the warranty manual, including the 625-mile break-in service.  Your warranty is transferable if you sell it. The servicing must be done at an authorized Vespa dealer – and there are specific exclusions from the warranty, including cosmetic aspects or defects related to body work among others.

In addition, all Vespa/Piaggio scooters come with 2 years of roadside service for free.

A two year Extended Warranty is also available within 90 days of purchase on your new Piaggio/Vespa scooter. The Piaggio/Vespa Extended Warranty is an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty and covers the same items and has the same exclusions. It also extends roadside service coverage for two years. In addition, the extended warranty is also transferable and can make a Vespa or Piaggio scooter extremely easy to resell because the full warranty coverage is expanded to FOUR total years with no mileage caps (2014 and newer, or 3 years on 2013 and older).

Genuine Warranty

All new Genuine scooters come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. There are no mileage restrictions and the two years begins on the day of purchase. For warranty repairs, the Genuine scooter must be brought to an authorized dealer. As with other warranties, regularly scheduled service is required but not included as part of the warranty coverage.

Genuine scooters are also offered with roadside service for two years.

There is one other important aspect to the Genuine Scooters warranty coverage: it is not transferable. This means that if you bought a Genuine scooter one month ago and now would like to sell it (with 23 months left of warranty coverage), unfortunately, the buyer of your Genuine scooter will not have warranty coverage.

Kymco Warranty

Kymco offers a two-year warranty on all of their scooters. As with the Genuine and Piaggio warranties, the Kymco warranty also has no mileage restrictions. The Kymco warranty, however, covers the whole scooter against malfunction for the first year, while the second year includes coverage the Engine and Electrical components (excluding battery and light bulbs) .

The Kymco warranty, unlike the Vespa/Piaggio and Genuine warranties, does not come with roadside service. The Kymco warranty, like the Vespa/Piaggio warranty, is also transferable.

Used Scooter Warranty

We at Vespa Motorsport have the utmost confidence in the used scooters that we offer and we want to make sure our customers share this confidence. With this in mind we offer a 30-day warranty on all used scooters that we sell, and this warranty covers the scooter against malfunction. This warranty is only offered by Vespa Motorsport and can only be serviced by our shop.

If you have any other questions about warranty coverage or warranty repairs, feel free to talk to our service department. Link to email form.

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