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**RARE 2007 GT60** Limited Edition Collector Grade Vespa – COMPLETE with Factory Goodies!!

Vespa, the iconic Italian scooter maker, celebrated its 60th anniversary back in 2007.  The GT 60 was designed as a collector’s item: Only 999 were made, and of those, only 250 were exported to the U.S.. Original owners received a 60th-anniversary leather case that held a leather document wallet and key fob; GT60 Vespa cover; and a hardcover book on the history of Vespa. The scooter came in exactly one color: Vespa’s 1947 prototype gray, with Vespa’s beautiful Italian high gloss finish.

 In homage to the company’s original scooter, the round headlamp is mounted on the fender. The round instrument panel, set squarely in the center the dash, is easy to read and boasts a clock, fuel gauge, speedometer, odometer, and temperature warning light. The standard side panels are curvaceous, irresistibly reminding a viewer of Italy’s luscious postwar actresses.

Mechanically, the GT60 features the Quasar engine, which stands for Quarter-liter Smooth Augmented Range, that Vespa introduced along with the GT series in 2006. The 244cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine was, at heat time, the largest Vespa sold in the U.S..

Like all Vespas since 1947, the GTS 250 has a steel frame monocoque chassis, making it a heavy 322 pounds. The suspension system is correspondingly heavy duty (for a scooter): It has a single front arm with adjustable rebound damping, so it can be tailored to a rider’s weight (or the payload weight) and dual rear shocks—a steel twin-sided swing arm and an adjustable spring pre-load. The brakes, 8.7-inch discs front and back, are up to the task of stopping the scooter efficiently.

The scooter has a top speed of about 75 mph, and gets 65 miles per gallon. The gas tank holds 2.4 gallons. With 21.7 horsepower and 14.9 lb-ft of torque, the GT 60 will go from zero to 31 mph in 3.9 seconds and reach 50 mph in 4.2 seconds. It will leave other vehicles sitting at a stoplight once the light turns green, and it’s more than up to cruising on the freeway.

This particular GT60 has under 10,000 miles on the odometer, and has spent most of it’s life in a heated garage nestled inside Del Mar.   It is in excellent condition, and comes with all the goodies it was originally issued with, making this a rare Vespa, indeed.

PRICE:  $6,495.00

This Vespa comes from a close friend of the shop, from her personal collection, and will come with a full 30 day warranty.

Our own resident “Robot” did a cool little review that can be seen here:

 Click on any of the thumbnails below, for larger high res pics…

2013 BV350 in Awesome Loaded Up Condition! Always Garaged & Owned by our own Travis Y!

A long time ago, in a garage far, far away, the great Master Mechanic Robot, taught his young Padawan, Travis Youngwalker, the ways of The Wrench.  After years of disciplined training, Youngwalker went out in the world, and purchased his first Piaggio BV350, from the Pontedera System.  After refining his skills in the way of The Wrench, he added a Akropovic lightweight performance exhaust, a Polini Variator (for increased acceleration when making the jump to Light Speed!), factory rear topcase, rear Admore lightbar for better rear visibility, newer tires, just completed belt service, heated hand grips and BiTubo rear shocks for fine tuning the suspension when making longer treks to the Outer Systems.  This bike has had $1,000.00s in upgrades, by one of our best techs.  He’s selling it to possibly buy a brand new one, if his new wife will let him!

This speeder, err… BV350 looks almost as new, and with only 10,000 miles on it, this scoot is good to go for another 40,000, if ya give it just the basic care along the way.

Come see it today!  And if you’d like to test ride it, we can arrange that as well!  Save thousands over the cost of a new one, and get $1,000.00s in cool free stuff, too!


Price with 30 Day Warranty:  $4,295.00*




*Price does not reflect sales tax and title transfer


2006 VESPA LX150 – 1240+ Miles – Drives As New!! $2,895.00

This 150cc Vespa scoot just in from the original owner out of Arizona! Check the low mileage… yes, it is 100% correct! It’s just had a full VMS Service, by Robot and Travis, and is ready to go for the next 3,000 miles. IT FEELS LIKE A NEW VESPA, IT RUNS SO SMOOTH! In very nice shape. $379.00 rear color matched topcase included. 30 Day VMS warranty!! Call for details… now!


Vespa Elettrica… is coming to San Diego May 2019

Starting today, we are taking pre-orders for the totally new Vespa Elettrica.  Mobility in general, and electric mobility in particular, will never be the same again. 
The Vespa Elettrica is a contemporary icon of Italian technology in the world, a synonym for advanced connectivity and silence, personalisation and accessibility, respect for the environment and style. These values have always characterized the Vespa and are fully implemented again today in the Vespa Elettrica, confirming Vespa as a pioneering brand on its market.
With a power unit delivering top power of 4 kW, the Vespa Elettrica, assisted by the dynamic performance typical of electric engines, outshines a traditional 50cc scooter, particularly in regards to acceleration and hill starts.


It guarantees easy, agile and enjoyable riding on city roads, even at the very low speeds of congested urban traffic, with the added benefits of absolute silence and absence of vibrations, helping to make cities less chaotic and more livable by avoiding both air and acoustic pollution.


The Vespa Elettrica has a maximum range of 65 miles, a value that changes little between urban and extra-urban environments thanks to the scooter’s modern lithium ion battery and efficient kinetic energy recovery system, which recharges the battery during deceleration. To recharge the battery the rider simply plugs the cable located in the compartment below the saddle into a normal electric wall socket or into one of the recharging points that are becoming a common sight in today’s cities. A complete recharge normally takes 4 hours.

We should be taking delivery of the first limited batch sometime in May or earlier.  They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.  MSRP is scheduled to be set at $7,499.00.



2019 PRIMAVERA 150 SPORT MATTE RED limted edition

Vespa Primavera Sport model is the sporty little number with plenty of attitude.  In addition to an amazing matte red paint scheme, gray highlights and two tone wheels, the instrumentation control center is the big news for this limited production model.  Full color LCD with more functions than you can shake a spoon at!

The new 12-inch rims with five-spoke design, the largest in Vespa history, provide stability and total safety on all road surfaces. The single-cylinder four-stroke engine provides a smooth and quiet ride and reduces consumption with top-of-the-range performance.  ABS and USB port are all standard. Also includes a new Bike Finder and remote controlled seat opener!


We only have one at the time of this publishing…  come get it while you can!


Price: $5,549




How Long do Scooters Last?




This question is one of the most commonly asked by visitors to our shop.   And it is also one of the toughest to answer.  We have seen recent model Vespas sold within the last several years with as many as 55,000+ miles on the odometer and still climbing!   One local owner of the more diminutive Genuine Buddy 125, has over 41,000+ miles!  These kind of examples have been strictly and lovingly maintained by their owners, and is a testament to how well these little machines perform and deliver if properly maintained and serviced.  That said, we have also seen a few disasters with relatively low miles come through our service department, due to neglect and lack of proper scheduled servicing.  Like so many things, a little preventive care and general maintenance, will go a long way in keeping your scooter running like a top for many years and many miles!

What’s Up with Chinese Scooters?


A Brand New Chines Made Scooter off Craig’s List for $999.00… How Bad Can It be?

Many visitors to our shop ask us just how bad those cheap Chinese scooters can be…. given that they are allowed to be sold here in the states.  The fast and honest answer by anybody that works in the Powersport Industry will tell you that they are unreliable, difficult (if not impossible) to service and potentially threatening to both life and limb of the rider.    If a person were to really think things through about these vehicles, they would realize that the mass produced Chinese scooter industry is just like the mass produced Chinese microwave, DVD or toaster industry.  China has built billion dollar empires on the premise that they sell things that function for a short period of time, and when they break, consumers throw them away. The same goes for their scooters.

An additional problem for Chinese scooter owners is finding legitimate shops that will work on them.  Because parts are difficult – if not impossible – to source, and quality is so poor, most shop owners will turn Chinese scooter owners away for service.  Some owners will try to repair their Chinese scooter themselves.   But they quickly realize they cannot locate the exact parts they need.  And, most of the parts you can get online for cheap Chinese scooters are going to be the same cheap quality as the ones that broke in the first place.  So why replace bad parts with more bad parts? And while installing replacement parts, the build quality of Chinese bikes is so poor, it practically guarantees that you will break or damage more parts trying to get at the part you are trying to replace!

There have been so many of these poorly manufactured vehicles pouring into our country by importers looking to make a fast buck, that even the Department of Transportation is considering banning many of the importers from bringing their vehicles unless they can pass certain build and quality standards that are currently not in place.

The old saying ‘Ya get what ya pay for’ could not be more valid in the discussion over Chinese made scooters, so Buyers Beware, you have been warned!







Does Vespa Motorsport sell Mopeds?

moped2 copymoped1 copy
We are often asked if we sell mopeds, or visitors to our showroom will ask how much our Mopeds cost.  The truth is, we DO NOT sell mopeds.  We do sell scooters, which are markedly different from mopeds.

So how do they differ, you might ask?  The big difference between a moped and a scooter is the size of the engine and the amount of power it can output. Generally, a moped has a relatively smaller motor and is classed as a vehicle with a displacement of below 50cc. In most cases, the fastest a moped can go is around 30 to 35 miles per hour. Therefore, mopeds are designed to be ridden on streets and roads rather than freeways.

When looking at the body of a moped, it looks somewhat like bicycle.  In fact, mopeds are built as a bicycle but with a motor built-in.  Most cities, but not necessarily all, have legislated that mopeds must have pedals to be legally defined as a moped.  In addition to being safer, it also allows for a younger riding age in a lot of locations.  Also, mopeds can usually fit only one passenger.

Scooters, in comparison, have a bigger motor and are mostly between 50cc and 300cc. The motor of a scooter is normally located in the back of the scooter and underneath the driver’s seat. Scooters are usually a lot quicker than mopeds, which can allow them to ride on highways and carry an extra rider/passenger.

In short, we do not sell mopeds. See below for the difference.

Why Buy a Scooter?


Why buy a scooter? Consider the following:

1) They get amazing gas mileage. A champion performer like the Vespa LX150, for example, will get around 65 MPG. The Buddy 125 gets 90 MPG! Even freeway class scooters, such as the Vespa GTS300, get 60 MPG!

2) They are Sooo easy to drive. All the new scooters we carry are automatic with step through frames.  Our Scooters are engineered to be comfortable and easy to drive, this is the whole premise behind the “scooter” design. Bringing transportation to the people.

3) They’re inexpensive. Compared to a car, the Vespa Primavera with it’s low MSRP  is a fraction of what a new Honda or Toyota would cost. Combined with the gas mileage (as well as maintenance and insurance costs) owning a scooter is also a lot less expensive than owning a car.

4) Two-Up Riding. Most scooters are equipped to handle two riders.  So bring your friend, your wife, your partner, your husband, your boyfriend, your girlfriend… or even your favorite four legged pet!  Riding together is twice the fun!

5) They’re free to park (or nearly free). More cities are accommodating the increase in motorcycles and scooters on the road. In San Francisco, new motorcycle-only parking meters are sprouting up in downtown areas and they only cost around $3/day, compared to $30/day for a car. Many parking lots offer free parking for bikes and we have even heard that meter maids will sometimes turn a blind eye to illegally parked scooters! As a result, you can usually park very close to your destination. Scooters also fit nicely between cars—just leave enough room to get out.

6) They’re cheap to insure and maintain. Most personal scooter insurance rates are under $200.00 a year for full coverage.  Rates will obviously vary depending on your personal circumstances, but it’s definitely cheaper to insure a scooter than a car or motorcycle.

7) Scooters look cool. The Italian scooters—Vespa and Piaggio—lead the pack every year with their elegant design while models like the Buddy and Stella are not far behind. Fans of Quadrophenia will especially dig Vespa Sprint model with its Euro square headlight and chrome trim. If you’re searching for a more modern look, the Piaggio BV350 has a nice, aggressive stance with tons of power, comfort and cutting edge style.

8) They’re really fun! Perhaps the best reason to ride a scooter is due to the universal ‘Fun Factor’ these incredible machines provide.  Young or old, guy or girl, all agree that riding a scooter is the most fun to be had in two wheeled personal transportation! Test-ride one today and you’ll agree: owning a scooter is a blast.

9) And a million more. there’s just not enough room on the internet to write all the reason to own a scooter.

Manufacturer Warranties


All scooters sold by Vespa Motorsport come with a warranty (unless otherwise noted).  In the case of new scooters, they are provided with a manufacturer’s warranty, whereas with used scooters, Vespa Motorsport will offer a shop warranty for 30 days after purchase on most models.  See below for more specific information related to the various scooter brands offered at Vespa Motorsport and the warranty coverages provided.  Note: Manufacturer Warranties cover factory defectives and come with detailed terms and conditions , stop by or contact us for more info.

The Vespa/Piaggio Warranty

New Vespa/Piaggio scooters NOW come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty (2014 and newer).  There are no mileage restrictions, the 24 months begins on the day of purchase, and the scooter must be taken to an authorized Vespa dealer to claim warranty work. To keep your warranty valid, you must follow the servicing schedule as outlined in the warranty manual, including the 625-mile break-in service.  Your warranty is transferable if you sell it. The servicing must be done at an authorized Vespa dealer – and there are specific exclusions from the warranty, including cosmetic aspects or defects related to body work among others.

In addition, all Vespa/Piaggio scooters come with 2 years of roadside service for free.

A two year Extended Warranty is also available within 90 days of purchase on your new Piaggio/Vespa scooter. The Piaggio/Vespa Extended Warranty is an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty and covers the same items and has the same exclusions. It also extends roadside service coverage for two years. In addition, the extended warranty is also transferable and can make a Vespa or Piaggio scooter extremely easy to resell because the full warranty coverage is expanded to FOUR total years with no mileage caps (2014 and newer, or 3 years on 2013 and older).

Genuine Warranty

All new Genuine scooters come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. There are no mileage restrictions and the two years begins on the day of purchase. For warranty repairs, the Genuine scooter must be brought to an authorized dealer. As with other warranties, regularly scheduled service is required but not included as part of the warranty coverage.

Genuine scooters are also offered with roadside service for two years.

There is one other important aspect to the Genuine Scooters warranty coverage: it is not transferable. This means that if you bought a Genuine scooter one month ago and now would like to sell it (with 23 months left of warranty coverage), unfortunately, the buyer of your Genuine scooter will not have warranty coverage.

Kymco Warranty

Kymco offers a two-year warranty on all of their scooters. As with the Genuine and Piaggio warranties, the Kymco warranty also has no mileage restrictions. The Kymco warranty, however, covers the whole scooter against malfunction for the first year, while the second year includes coverage the Engine and Electrical components (excluding battery and light bulbs) .

The Kymco warranty, unlike the Vespa/Piaggio and Genuine warranties, does not come with roadside service. The Kymco warranty, like the Vespa/Piaggio warranty, is also transferable.

Used Scooter Warranty

We at Vespa Motorsport have the utmost confidence in the used scooters that we offer and we want to make sure our customers share this confidence. With this in mind we offer a 30-day warranty on all used scooters that we sell, and this warranty covers the scooter against malfunction. This warranty is only offered by Vespa Motorsport and can only be serviced by our shop.

If you have any other questions about warranty coverage or warranty repairs, feel free to talk to our service department. Link to email form.

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