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How Long do Scooters Last?




This question is one of the most commonly asked by visitors to our shop.   And it is also one of the toughest to answer.  We have seen recent model Vespas sold within the last several years with as many as 55,000+ miles on the odometer and still climbing!   One local owner of the more diminutive Genuine Buddy 125, has over 41,000+ miles!  These kind of examples have been strictly and lovingly maintained by their owners, and is a testament to how well these little machines perform and deliver if properly maintained and serviced.  That said, we have also seen a few disasters with relatively low miles come through our service department, due to neglect and lack of proper scheduled servicing.  Like so many things, a little preventive care and general maintenance, will go a long way in keeping your scooter running like a top for many years and many miles!

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