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Does Vespa Motorsport sell Mopeds?

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We are often asked if we sell mopeds, or visitors to our showroom will ask how much our Mopeds cost.  The truth is, we DO NOT sell mopeds.  We do sell scooters, which are markedly different from mopeds.

So how do they differ, you might ask?  The big difference between a moped and a scooter is the size of the engine and the amount of power it can output. Generally, a moped has a relatively smaller motor and is classed as a vehicle with a displacement of below 50cc. In most cases, the fastest a moped can go is around 30 to 35 miles per hour. Therefore, mopeds are designed to be ridden on streets and roads rather than freeways.

When looking at the body of a moped, it looks somewhat like bicycle.  In fact, mopeds are built as a bicycle but with a motor built-in.  Most cities, but not necessarily all, have legislated that mopeds must have pedals to be legally defined as a moped.  In addition to being safer, it also allows for a younger riding age in a lot of locations.  Also, mopeds can usually fit only one passenger.

Scooters, in comparison, have a bigger motor and are mostly between 50cc and 300cc. The motor of a scooter is normally located in the back of the scooter and underneath the driver’s seat. Scooters are usually a lot quicker than mopeds, which can allow them to ride on highways and carry an extra rider/passenger.

In short, we do not sell mopeds. See below for the difference.

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