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Should I Take a Motorcycle Safety Course?

Anytime someone without a motorcycle license visits Vespa Motorsport, we recommend that they take a CHP-certified motorcycle safety class. There are many advantages to these classes and they’re a fun and enlightening way to get introduced to the world of two wheels.

The advantages to a safety course are many:

  • Safety courses emphasize defensive driving.
  • A CHP-certified course means you do not have to take the DMV’s driving test.
  • Insurance companies offer lower insurance rates to graduates.
  • You’ll be a safer rider!

In fact, we’ve never had someone visit our shop and tell us they regretted taking a safety course. Everyone swears by it!

If you are here in San Diego County, you can find the nearest CHP-certified motorcycle safety course by visiting the website of the California Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Alternately, if you’re in the city of San Diego, check out the Pacific Safety Council, our local CHP- and MSF-certified┬ácourse location.

Once you have an M1 license or permit, you’re legal to participate in the Vespa Motorsport test-drive program!

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