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Category: Robot’s Corner

**P200E 1978** Vintage 70s 2-Stroke Perfection. The Proverbial “Barn Find” brought back to 100% Original Condition

This scoot has been featured in Robot’s YouTube Tech video series.  It’s an incredibly well preserved original 1978 P200E with all original components.  The engine was painstakingly disassembled and inspected.  Installed were all new seals, clutch components, washers, cotter pins and gaskets.  All of the electrical has been gone through, wheels, brake shoes, bushings and more brought back to original perfect running condition.  The original paint has been brought back to life with a thorough cleaning, buff and wax making it shine like new.  It even has the original fender reflectors and the original factory touch up paint in the original Piaggio baggy!   Included is current registration and original blue with yellow characters license plate.  Clean title!

3,030 original miles.

We have put over $3,000.00 into the scoot, to make it run like new… probably better than new.  You could not replicate this bike for less than our asking price.

If you’ve ever thought about a vintage Vespa, here is your chance.  We can ship anywhere in the USA.

PRICED AT $5,995.00

Call Alex or TC to get more info.



Baby, It’s Still Cold Outside, How About Some Toasty Grips?


With the winter months here and the rainy days and cold nights showing us who’s boss, we have a little something up our sleeve to combat it.  Apollo Heated Grips by KOSO are in stock and ready to be installed to make your life more enjoyable on those rides to Antarctica, Grandma’s House or just down the street to the grocery store.
These hot mamas have:
  • 5 Levels of Temperature.
  • Integrated thumb switch designed for easy setting without removing your hands from the handlebar.
  • 5 Color LED Indicators for the rider to quickly know in which heat level the grips are set.
  • Low Battery Warning protection to ensure your bike has enough power to start.
We’ve installed and tested the KOSO Heated Grips and we can tell you first hand that in cold conditions, rain, and snow, they make a huge difference in the comfort of the ride.

If you are here in San Diego and you want these babies installed, call Service to make your appointment today. 619-280-1718 ext 605

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