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Taco Crawl Saturday, January 11th 11am

Come join us Saturday, January 11th, at 11 am (kick stands up at noon) for our 1st annual Taco Crawl led by Kevin Stram.

He will guide you around to some of the best taco stands in San Diego (or maybe the world).

Please bring a full tank of gas, your appetite for adventure, and some money for tacos. 

Meet at 3955 Pacific Hwy

4 stops total
This ride will take us over Coronado Bridge twice.

Huge New Scooter Clearance Sale

We are clearing out 2018-2019 and demo models to make more room for new 2020s!
Huge cash off deals on some of the newest DEMO Vespas and Piaggio Scooters along with 2018 and 2019 models.

Just call or email for an “Out the Door” quote. We can ship scooters anywhere in the USA. 

Demo Deals. These models have over 250 miles on them and come with a full 2 year warranty. 

2020 PRIMAVERA 150 ABS Touring Green 2020 **DEMO**   MSRP $5,549, call for price

2020 SPRINT 150 Yellow **DEMO**    MSRP $5,649 call for price

2019 PRIMAVERA 150 ABS White **DEMO**   MSRP $5,249  Now $4,749

2019 SPRINT 150 Titanium **DEMO**    MSRP $5,649 Now $5,049

2019 GTS 300 ABS Super Green **DEMO** MSRP $7.049  Now $6,449

2020 MP3 500 Glossy Gray **DEMO** MSRP $9,199 call for price

2020 BV 350 ABS Matte Blue 2020 **DEMO** MSRP $6,599 call for price

2020 PIAGGIO Liberty 150 Matte Black **DEMO** MSRP $3,099 call for price

2020 PIAGGIO Liberty 150 Black/Tan **DEMO** MSRP $2,999 call for price

2019 PIAGGIO FLY 150 White 2019 **DEMO** MSRP $2,899 Now  $2,699

2018-2019 Only Deals, up to $500 off 
GTV ABS 300 Sei Giorni Matte Green 2018  MSRP $7,699, NOW ONLY $7,199 
GTS 300 Touring Red 2019                            MSRP $7,149, NOW ONLY $6,649
PRIMAVERA 150 Black 2018                         MSRP $5,099, NOW ONLY $4,599
PRIMAVERA 150 Blue Sport 2019                 MSRP $5,549, NOW ONLY $4,949
PRIMAVERA 150 Red Sport 2019                  MSRP $5,549, NOW ONLY $4,949
SPRINT 150 ABS Green 2018                       MSRP $5,399, NOW ONLY $4,899
SPRINT 150 ABS Black 2018                         MSRP $5,399, NOW ONLY $4,899
SPRINT 150 ABS Red 2019                           MSRP $5,549, NOW ONLY $5,049
SPRINT 150 ABS White 2019                        MSRP $5,549, NOW ONLY $5,049
Liberty 150 ABS Blue 2018                             MSRP $2,999, NOW ONLY $2,599
Liberty S 150 ABS Matte Red 2018                MSRP $3,099, NOW ONLY $2,699

ONLY ONE EACH AT THESE PRICES. Prices do not include taxes and applicable fees.  

While Supplies last
Price subject to change without notice


We have partnered with the Vespa Club of America to bring you Roadside Assistance!
With every NEW Vespa (or Piaggio) purchased at Vespa Motorsport we will include a FREE one year membership to the VCOA which NOW includes roadside assistance. Not only do you get to enjoy all the perks of being a member to the
Vespa Club of America, you also get Peace Of Mind which is Priceless!
Only available on the purchase of a new Vespa Scooter at Vespa Motorsport.

VCOA Basic 25 Roadside Plan Covers:
With your VCOA membership, you receive a  24/7 roadside assistance for scootererists. Roadside Assistance Protection provides 25 miles of free towingfree flat service, battery service, and fluid service. The plan even provides for trip interruption coverage in the event of damage or an accident.

  • 24/7 25-mile service
  • Membership covers up to three owned scooters

Services are provided by Nation Motor Club, LLC dba Nation Safe Drivers, In California, benefits and services are provided by Nation Motor Club, LLC, 800 Yamato Rd, Suite 100, Boca Raton, FL 33431. California Motor Club Permit Number: 5157-3. In Alabama, Alaska, Utah, and Virginia, benefits and services are provided by Nation Safe Drivers Services Inc.
Expanded coverage options are also available.  Restrictions apply, so be sure to check out the full list of terms and conditions HERE.
For further questions about the VCOA Roadside Assistance program,  please email
Membership perks and roadside assistance details are available from the VCOA.

Allow 30 days for activation of the Roadside assistance from the VCOA.

The Vespa Elettrica is available NOW!

We have one Elettrica in stock NOW (May 13th 2019) and are taking pre-orders for more.

Mobility in general, and electric mobility in particular, will never be the same again.
The Vespa Elettrica is a contemporary icon of Italian technology in the world, a synonym for advanced connectivity and silence, personalisation and accessibility, respect for the environment and style. These values have always characterized the Vespa and are fully implemented again today in the Vespa Elettrica, confirming Vespa as a pioneering brand on its market.
With a power unit delivering top power of 4 kW, the Vespa Elettrica, assisted by the dynamic performance typical of electric engines, outshines a traditional 50cc scooter, particularly in regards to acceleration and hill starts.

It guarantees easy, agile and enjoyable riding on city roads, even at the very low speeds of congested urban traffic, with the added benefits of absolute silence and absence of vibrations, helping to make cities less chaotic and more livable by avoiding both air and acoustic pollution.

The Vespa Elettrica has a maximum range of 65 miles, a value that changes little between urban and extra-urban environments thanks to the scooter’s modern lithium ion battery and efficient kinetic energy recovery system, which recharges the battery during deceleration. To recharge the battery the rider simply plugs the cable located in the compartment below the saddle into a normal electric wall socket or into one of the recharging points that are becoming a common sight in today’s cities. A complete recharge normally takes 4 hours.

We have ONE in stock NOW and it will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.  MSRP is $7,499.00 (plus taxes and dealer fees)


Baby, It’s Still Cold Outside, How About Some Toasty Grips?


With the winter months here and the rainy days and cold nights showing us who’s boss, we have a little something up our sleeve to combat it.  Apollo Heated Grips by KOSO are in stock and ready to be installed to make your life more enjoyable on those rides to Antarctica, Grandma’s House or just down the street to the grocery store.
These hot mamas have:
  • 5 Levels of Temperature.
  • Integrated thumb switch designed for easy setting without removing your hands from the handlebar.
  • 5 Color LED Indicators for the rider to quickly know in which heat level the grips are set.
  • Low Battery Warning protection to ensure your bike has enough power to start.
We’ve installed and tested the KOSO Heated Grips and we can tell you first hand that in cold conditions, rain, and snow, they make a huge difference in the comfort of the ride.

If you are here in San Diego and you want these babies installed, call Service to make your appointment today. 619-280-1718 ext 605

Special Amerivespa 2016 Podcast

In this special Podcast, we Skype with Jay Blundon who is organizing this year’s Amerivespa in Memphis, Tennessee. Jay gives us a breakdown of what to expect at the rally, plus some fun giveaways.

Also check out their Fackbook page for more info:

See for registration and schudule.


Episode 8 Vespa Motorsport Podcast with special guest Eric Dutra part Deux

We welcome back local scooter legend Eric Dutra to this week’s podcast part Deux. Eric is an expert in all makes and models of scooters and has arguably the largest scooter collection in San Diego. We discuss his history with scooters and some of his travels abroad. Check it out on Soundcloud, iTunes, and YouTube.



Episode 7 Vespa Motorsport Podcast with special guest Eric Dutra


We welcome local scooter legend Eric Dutra to this week’s podcast. Eric is an expert in all makes and models of scooters and has arguably the largest scooter collection in San Diego. We discuss his history with scooters and some of his travels abroad. Check it out on Soundcloud, iTunes, and YouTube.


You protected our country and now we want to protect you! 

Military Discount

For a limited time only, any active-duty member of the Military that purchases any new or pre-owned scooter from Vespa Motorsport will also receive a FREE jacket and pair of gloves.

Military discount details:
 Purchase of a new scooter is required. Open to ALL ACTIVE military personnel only. NO CASH VALUE.  Maximum retail value is $235. Jacket and gloves must be redeemed at time of sale. Limited to stock on hand.

Episode 6 Vespa Motorsport Podcast with special guest Stephanie Yue


We had a surprise visit from cross-country Vespa traveler, Stephanie Yue. Stephanie has been scootouring for the last 2 years across the USA with trips into Canada and Mexico. We learn about her history with scooters and why she’s on her trip, as well as some highlights she’s had along the way.

Be sure to check out her blog documenting her epic journey.

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